Referral Agent/Broker to Keyz Commercial

Level 1

10% to Referring Agent/Broker

This is considered a “cold lead” with only contact information provided.

Level 2

20% to Referring Agent/Broker

This is considered a “warm lead” with a brief introduction on the referral including contact information and description of the opportunity.

Level 3

25% to Referring Agent/Broker

This is considered a “hot lead” as it includes all of level 2, but there’s a trust factor and relationship between the Referring Agent/Broker and the prospective client.

Is there an agreement?

Yes, submittal of complete Referral Agreement to Keyz Commercial with contact information and prospect requirements are required.


Our team has local presence throughout Southern California. This local presence and knowledge allows us to be responsive to the needs of the local community.

Our team brings together decades of real estate, marketing and business ownership experience so you always know you’re in knowledgeable hands.


All referrals from Referral Agents/Brokers to Keyz Commercial are required to be confirmed in writing on the Referral Agreement (attached) and signed by all parties. Referred client must successfully sign an exclusive representation agreement (tenant and/or buyer representation agreement) for a period of no less than 6 months for this referral agreement to be valid.

Please print out form, complete, sign and submit to Keyz Commercial.

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