The Essential Turnover Package Checklist for Commercial Building Projects

When a construction project reaches completion, the transition from the design builder to the ownership is a critical phase. This process involves handing over a comprehensive turnover package that includes all necessary documents and information to ensure a smooth and efficient handover. This article provides an overview of what should be included in the final turnover package for a commercial building construction project.


The turnover package serves as the final record of what has been constructed and is an essential tool for building owners and managers. It includes a variety of documents, from technical drawings to warranties, which are crucial for the operation, maintenance, and future modifications of the building [1]. A well-prepared turnover package not only marks the completion of the construction but also sets the stage for the successful management of the building.

Key Components of a Turnover Package

A comprehensive turnover package should include the following items:

1. As-Built Drawings: Detailed drawings reflecting the final constructed building, including any changes made during construction.
2. Operating Manuals: Guides for all installed equipment, detailing operation procedures and maintenance schedules.
3. Warranties and Guarantees: Documentation of all warranties for materials, equipment, and workmanship.
4. Certificates of Inspection and Approval: Evidence that the building has passed all required inspections and complies with local codes and regulations.
5. Final Construction Report: A summary report that includes a narrative of the construction process, highlighting any deviations from the original plan, certification of final build square footage, etc.
6. Maintenance Schedules: Detailed schedules for regular maintenance of building systems and components.
7. Material and Finish Schedules: Specifications and sources for all materials and finishes used in the building.
8. Equipment Lists: A comprehensive list of all equipment installed, including models, serial numbers, and suppliers.
9. Contact Information: A directory of all contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers involved in the project.
10. Training Materials: Instructions and materials provided for training the owner\’s staff on the operation of building systems.
11. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Data: If utilized during construction, provide the BIM files that can be used for facility management.
12. Warranty Start Dates: Clearly defined commencement dates for all warranties to ensure proper tracking.
13. Keys: Contractor should turn over 3 complete sets of keys, with access to every built door and lock on the project building(s).


The turnover package is an indispensable element of project closeout and serves as a reference point for the building\’s lifecycle management [2]. Ensuring that all these components are included in the package allows building owners to maintain their property effectively and serves as a safeguard should any issues arise post-construction.

Printable Checklist

For your convenience, here is a printable checklist to use during your turnover process:

– [ ] As-Built Drawings
– [ ] Operating Manuals
– [ ] Warranties and Guarantees
– [ ] Certificates of Inspection and Approval
– [ ] Final Construction Report
– [ ] Maintenance Schedules
– [ ] Material and Finish Schedules
– [ ] Equipment Lists
– [ ] Contact Information
– [ ] Training Materials
– [ ] Building Information Modeling (BIM) Data
– [ ] Warranty Start Dates
– [ ] Keys

Ensure this checklist is fully checked off to guarantee a thorough and complete handover to the building owner.

In conclusion, a well-prepared turnover package is fundamental to a successful transition from construction to operation. It not only signifies project completion but also equips owners with all necessary tools for effective building management.

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